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VETMED Cares. We really do. That’s why every three months we feature a local rescue or charity. We proudly support and invest in our community and employees through charitable efforts that help make Arizona a better place to live for people and animals. Caring can significantly impact the lives of those within our community.

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Fearless Kitty Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill rescue dedicated to finding homes for homeless and abandoned cats of all ages. The organization is funded one hundred percent by donations, and is compiled of dedicated volunteers. The Fearless Kitty Rescue was founded on the belief and hope that all cats and kittens will have a chance at a happy, healthy and FEARLESS life.

When the Fearless Kitty Rescue cats are not in loving foster homes, they are kept at Kittyville, the organization’s free-roaming adoption center, where cats can start to socialize with other cats and volunteers. What a great way to let the cats’ personality really shine!

Here’s a story straight from the team of Fearless Kitty Rescue volunteers:

Fearless Kitty Rescue - VETMED Cares

In animal rescue, there are “saves” and then there are those that “saving their life” is a decision that will impact the hearts and souls of many. “Eastlaw” is one such kitty.

On January 30, Fearless Kitty Rescue pulled Eastlaw from the Arizona Humane Society. This is her story.
Slated to die on Sunday, January 29 at 5 pm, Eastlaw is a 6-year-old Persian cat who was part of a hoarding case that included 65 animals. Most of the animals, including Eastlaw, had lived their lives in small cages in deplorable conditions. All of them were filthy and severely matted when they were confiscated. Because we partner with the Humane Society and try to help where we can/when we can, we asked them if they could put a hold on her euthanasia so that we could pick her up as soon as we could get there. They agreed, and now her story of recovery begins…

Weak, fragile and at just 6 pounds, Eastlaw had a host of medical problems, which were the reason she was going to be euthanized. It’s not a heartless decision but, in the world of animal rescue, these decisions must be made. When we took Eastlaw from the Humane Society that had diagnosed her with severe dental disease, an ulcer in her right eye, and matting of her coat that was so bad it prompted a “mercy groom”. If that’s not enough, she had ear mites and arthritis in her left hip and knee joints, which will likely require she receives medication for the rest of her life. This arthritis can be painful if not treated and there was still a possibility she may need to have her left hind limb amputated. Add to that, she was disoriented, confused and frightened because she had no idea where she is.

Now, why would Fearless Kitty Rescue choose to save this animal from her impending death when every day, across America, approximately 9000 healthy cats (and dogs) are euthanized because of lack of space? For us to take on a very ill kitty who would require a tremendous amount of medical attention, time, and money, let alone finding the right home for her, sounds crazy. But for us, it’s the true meaning of the word “Fearless”. Eastlaw had a long road to recovery ahead BUT that road was not as rough as it started out. Our veterinarian was able to complete a more thorough examination and discovered her teeth were not as bad as first reported, her eye, although permanently scarred, would not impede her vision and her arthritis would be something that could be managed. It took us two months to get Eastlaw healthy and in a position to be placed up for adoption and it could not have been done without the amazing team of volunteers at Fearless Kitty Rescue.

Fearless Kitty Rescue - VETMED CaresOn March 29, 2017, Eastlaw, who will now be known as “Lizzy” was adopted into her forever home. The week before she was adopted she was placed into one of our public adoption rooms with several other kitties where she enjoyed both the people she met and the other kitties she shared the space with. Lizzy will have two other kitties to share her new home with and we know it’s going to be a great match because those two kitties are Fearless as well!

If every kitty (and doggie) could be as lucky as Lizzy, the world would be a much better place. For all of us in the world of animal rescue, that’s certainly our goal!

Support them and learn more by visiting the Fearless Kitty Rescue website and Facebook page!


Success Stories

We’ve highlighted the success stories of the cats and dogs who have battled tremendous odds and now enjoy the happy, healthy lives they deserve thanks to the skilled efforts of the VETMED team and the rescue organizations who saw that these animals got the medical assistance they needed.

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Blood Donation Program

Our team at VETMED proudly fosters a Blood Donor Program in which healthy dogs and cats help less fortunate animals through blood donation. Our program works much like a human blood bank. Critically ill or injured veterinary patients often require blood products for life-saving treatment, and that blood is provided by animals belonging to our veterinarians and staff. Blood is periodically drawn and safely stored, where it’s ready once a patient needs it.

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Our Employees

We proudly stand behind charities that are important to our VETMED team members. VETMED cares about:

Jennifer Lundal - Hospice of the Valley Jennifer Lundal, Hospice of the Valley Volunteer since 2003:

Hospice of the Valley provides compassionate end-of-life care. They serve thousands of families across the Valley every day, and relieve suffering in all realms – physical, emotional and spiritual.


gabriels-angels-vetmed-cares Dr. Christina Grant, Gabriel’s Angels Volunteer since 2015:

Gabriel’s Angels delivers healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever. VETMED’s own Dr. Grant volunteers her time here, along with her pit bull Posey, Gabriel’s Angels’ newest Therapy Dog.

Guide dogs for the blind Breta Peterson, Guide Dogs for the Blind

Guide Dogs for the Blind is a passionate community that serves the visually impaired through a variety of client services and network of trainers, puppy raisers, donors and volunteers. They prepare highly qualified guide dogs to serve and empower individuals who are blind or have low vision. All of our services are provided free of charge; no government funding is received.