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VetMED Emergency & Specialty Veterinary Hospital

Diagnostic Imaging & Radiology

We offer outpatient ultrasound services every Tuesday by appointment. Non-emergency patients require a referral from a primary care veterinarian to receive abdominal and thoracic imaging from our board-certified radiologist.

Why Would My Dog or Cat Need Diagnostic Imaging?

Diagnostic imaging includes any number of in-depth tests to help determine a dog or cat’s underlying health condition. Many of the same diagnostic procedures performed in humans are also performed on animals. Procedures for your pet may include ultrasound, X-rays (radiographs), endoscopy, CT, or echocardiography.

There are many reasons a dog or cat needs diagnostic imaging. Usually, it is because the dog or cat has a problem internally with their organs. Specialty diagnostic imaging allows the veterinarian to better understand what type of illness or injury they need to address for the patient.

VetMED encourages animal owners to obtain a referral from their family veterinarian whenever possible. This ensures that the best test is ordered and the proper transfer of medical information to the specialist for optimum care.


About the American College of Veterinary Radiology

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